The United Arab Emirates require the documents which already been issued in Ireland to be attested before they are ready to use in the UAE or else the government official in UAE reject the documents. Irish documents has to complete few steps of attestation and  Apostle Stamp by the Department of Foreign Affairs Ireland and then has to go London UAE embassy and should attested there itself too.  

Which Ireland documents should attested in UAE?

  • Ireland marriage certificates
  • Ireland degree certificates
  • Ireland birth certificates
  • Ireland diploma certificates
  • Ireland medical certificates
  • Ireland school TC
  • Ireland commercial invoice, court memo, contract etc…

Why Ireland certificates should be attested in UAE?

Any educational or non educational certificates compulsory to attested for many reason, when a Ireland document is attested however, the documents has proved its genuine and no further doubts on it and it will be accepted in all government official for further usage such as:

  • Embassies or consulates needs
  • Visa stamping, labor and emigration purpose
  • University further study and school admission
  • Visa status changing
  • World education services (WES) and International qualifications assessment (IQAS) verification
  • Equivalency requirements for Ministry of Education (MOE) or Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR)
  • Other business and industrial trade licensing purpose in UAE

What are procedures of Ireland document attestation in UAE?

The Ireland document attestation procedures are simple but bit complicated to too, we offer all types of Ireland documents attestation process by giving state of the art quality legalization services at your doorstep and express delivery too. we take care from pick up to process and till complete all attestation procedures from various official and our expert carry documents further MOFA final attestation and send it to your location.  We too complete all Ireland attestation process without your presence and low cost attestation in town. Also gives free pickup and delivery all over UAE too.

  • Ministry of Education or notary in Ireland for all types of documents
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in Ireland or an Apostille from official
  • UAE Embassy attestation  or Consulate in Ireland
  • Ministry of foreign affairs attestation locally in UAE as final process

What are the documents required for Ireland certificate attestation in UAE?

  • Authorization letter
  • Original degree or non educational documents like marriage, birth, degree, diploma, commercial invoice, court memo, agreement, legal heir ship or any other documents
  • Passport copy
  • Color photo
  • Declaration form to be filled

What is the Duration and how much cost involved for Ireland documents attestation in UAE?

  • Duration for Ireland attestation is depend on certificates we use to send
  • Normally taking 5 to 10 business days for degree paper

Cost for Ireland document attestation also may vary on certificates please call us to get exact cost today

For more information about Ireland documents attestation, price, duration please call us now 0 55 536 9292, 052 948 6046, 04421 9797 or email us

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