What is the General Information about Singapore certificate clearance or legalization in UAE?

All Singapore issued documents whether it educational or non educational documents which should presented to the UAE Embassy’s Consulate Section for Legalization and further it must  be certified by the relevant local authority before submission of UAE embassy Singapore.

There are few following steps such as:

  1. UAE embassy won’t accept until unless it has all local attestation which is compulsory
  2. All submitted documents have to be attested individual from local government authority
  3. Certificates issued by ACRA must be separated and it will cost additionally too


What are the Procedures of Authentication of Singapore documents attestation in UAE?

All Documents from the UAE will need to be endorsed by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs before legalization by the UAE Embassy in Singapore to get final process of MOFA in UAE

Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, Contracts, Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates (In General), Power of Attorney, Trading and Distribution Agency, Financial Statements, Finger Prints, Police Clearance, Incorporating Certificates, Resolution of Board of Directors, have to be first notarized and then authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Singapore attestation

All Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Analysis, Health and food Inspection Certificates, Shipping Certificate, Packing list, Customs Declaration, Agricultural, Pharmaceuticals and Food Products are to be certified by any of the Chambers of Commerce in Singapore. Any of these types of documents must be authenticated by UAE Embassy in Singapore to be valid for use in UAE for all government official needs.

  • All Singapore issued university school or private paper should be attested in proper way
  • The Embassy is has introduced a new system to make transactions more convenient but we undertake all documents and complete process on behalf of you without your presence
  • All payment and official stamping process will take care
  • Notary Public (Any Lawyer Agencies in Singapore)
  • Singapore Academy of Law attestation from ministry
  • CPE Attestation (applicable only for Private Education certificates)
  • Verification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singapore
  • UAE embassy attestation from Singapore
  • MOFA final step ministry of foreign affairs attestation

The required documents for Singapore certificate attestation in UAE is:

    • Two color photos
    • Passport and visa page color copy
    • Authorization letter if required
    • Original govt issued certificates like marriage, birth, degree, diploma, commercial invoice, court memo, agreement, legal heir ship or any other documents

Fees structure and duration for Singapore documents attestation

  • Singapore certificates attestation may vary for various documents
  • Duration is 50 to 10 working days normally if there is no further delay
  • Express attestation available

Services offered for Singapore document clearance and key benefits of attestation with us:

  • For all educational and non educational documents we Ensure efficient document collection and delivery at free of cost
  • Secure, safe and reliable process
  • Flexible and safe payment options by card swipe, online and cash on delivery
  • Stay updated for current status
  • Complete process of attestation will be taken care without your presence
  • Over 20 years of good experience
  • Professional and well trained expert handle documents

The usage of Singapore documents attestation in UAE is:

All attested Singapore documents shall be used for various government and other official usage regardless what quality of usage such as:

  • University further study
  • School admission
  • Visa stamping
  • Resident and family visa approval

Job application submission purpose

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