The attestation of Marriage certificate is a legal confirmation that two people are tying up knot each other. A valid marriage certificate recorded and issued by a government or public departments or either by church, mosque or temple or other religious center and it has mentioned marriage date, person name and place of issue etc..,

What is the Attestation definition of marriage certificate?

Attestation or legalization of marriage paper is an act of witnessing a certificate is to make it true and genuine on original copy of marriage certificate. These have to be done from various government official department and embassy to make further usage in UAE for various needs.

Marriage certificate Apostille definition is It is almost same process the way we do normal attestation. By doing apostille in marriage certificate, this certificate is going to be valued in 104 countries of Hague Convention worldwide approved.

How to proceed with my Marriage document attestation in UAE?

In our two decades of excellent experience we understand the situation, importance and needs of marriage certificate attestation, however we manage to get all kind of embassy attestation locally from worldwide, and we can speed up the any certificate attestation and guide you through the entire process, duration, price which involved. Moreover we do marriage attestation without your presence in UAE.

The initial process of marriage certificate attestation is:

  • Notary public or solicitor attestation
  • Home department attestation from the document issued state
  • Ministry of External Affairs attestation
  • Legalization in the UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate attestation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in UAE as final process to use further

The essential documents required to get marriage certificate attestation in UAE:

  • Passport copy or both
  • Visa Copy page if any
  • 2 Photographs in some case for US and UK marriage docs
  • Authorization letter in some cases only

The purpose of marriage certificate attestation in UAE is:

Marriage certificate attestation is one of the key processes to prove documents is genuine and true. The authentication process is an essential for any certificate or document in order to make it acceptable and valued as a legal document in the government official or other sectors. Further usage of attested marriage certificates is:

  • Family visa processing in UAE
  • To change visa status
  • To enter name in husband and wife passport name here and there
  • To sponsor spouse visa and kids visa
  • Medial official may ask during pregnancy
  • To buy and sell joint property home in UAE

Duration of marriage certificate attestation in UAE

Marriage certificate attestation can be done in 2 to 4 working days depends on country procedure and process may vary. We make fastest attestation process in UAE with low cost and free collection in your door. Our professional team takes care of all your marriage attestation from top to bottom step by step and complete all legal formalities before get it delivered.

Key features and benefits while you do marriage certificate attestation with us is:

  • Free pickup and delivery all over UAE at your door
  • Hassle free documents
  • Easy and convenient payment options like card swipe, online transfer and cash on delivery.
  • Fast and express delivery
  • Secure, low cost and genuine attestation

For more information about marriage certificate attestation, authentication or apostille, price, duration please call us now 0 55 536 9292, 052 948 6046, 04421 9797 or email us

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