Why UAE embassy attestation required?

The UAE Embassy provides all types documents attestation services in each every country where embassy available. The basic principle of this practice is to validate and verify of stamp and signature on every documents which you need to use in UAE for any purpose.

The Government of UAE requires all types of educational, non educational Personal certificates, professional or academic degree, issued from India to be attested by the Embassy/Consulate/Home department and MEA for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government before its ready to use for labor or visa application needs.

UAE embassy attestation services provide state of the art quality attestation services with quick process and make fast delivery in UAE missions abroad to include the legalization process of ordinary certificates issued from university or private sector outside UAE. UAE embassy attestation basically required for:

  • Educational and medical certificates or non educational documents
  • Birth, marriage certificates and divorces papers
  • Power of attorney, legal heir ship, contract
  • Degree, diploma attestation
  •  Commercial contracts and agreements, invoice etc…

How can I get UAE embassy attestation in UAE without my presence?

The documents collection and submission to finishing point of UAE embassy attestation is a complex and time-consuming task for many reason in UAE residents. The parties need to have a brief knowledge and understanding of the entire process and which government department to complete the process. Further we hereby ready to help you on all types of UAE embassy attestation in UAE without your presence and make less time taking process by utilizing professional and well knowledge team, who complete all procedures simple and easy. Key benefits of our services is:

  • Low cost UAE embassy attestation services in UAE
  • Free pickup and delivery all over UAE
  • Fast and express attestation
  • Simple and hassle free documentation
  • Genuine and secure UAE embassy attestation

What are the procedures of UAE embassy attestation in UAE for my documents?

Yes there are step by step process and procedures to be done to complete all UAE embassy attestation in UAE for any documents.

Step #1. The original documents should be verified and notarized by right authority

Step #2. Next process is home department from issued state

Step #3. Then it has to go Ministry of external affairs attestation

Step #4. UAE embassy attestation once completed all these

What are the documents requirements to get UAE embassy attestation in UAE?

  • Supporting Documents required if any for educational degree
  • Valid passport copy color
  • Copy of color CNIC
  • All documents should be original which already been attested from notary and MEA
  • Fees and charges applicable as per UAE embassy

What is the Duration and cost involved for UAE embassy attestation?

  • Duration normally 1 to 3 business day
  • In some case for European documents get more delay
  • We have express embassy legalization options too

For more information about UAE Embassy attestation, legalization, price, duration please call us now 0 55 536 9292, 052 948 6046, 04421 9797 or email us attestdxb@gmail.com

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