What are the procedures to get New Zealand documents attestation in Dubai UAE?

It’s easy, simple but need to approach various government officials to get New Zealand documents from New Zealand as well as United Arab Emirates. We make your New Zealand documents attestation, legalization simple by offering state of the art quality genuine apostille services at really low cost and on time delivery at your doorstep. Follow couple of few steps to complete your attestation process at your home or online

  • Call our one expert we come to your doorstep to collect documents
  • We send your new zealand documents to first local authority to verify its originality and get proper attestation
  • Notary Public in New Zealand.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade in New Zealand.
  • Authentication from internal affairs of New Zealand govt.
  • UAE embassy legalization from New Zealand
  • Final procedures to get ministry of foreign affairs attestation from UAE
  • Legal translation if required into Arabic from approved legal agency

What documents normally need to be attesting from New Zealand to use in UAE?

  • Passports and Emergency Travel Documents
  • Degree, Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
  • Document Authentication and Apostille Certification
  • New Zealand Driver License.
  • Certificate of Particulars, new Zealand issued documents like marriage, birth, degree, diploma, commercial invoice, court memo, agreement, legal heir ship or any other documents
  • School TC, mark sheets etc…
  • Obtaining a copy of your criminal record

Why New Zealand certificate should be attested in UAE?

The attestation process for New Zealand documents is fairly standard process and attested documents must have an Apostille stamps too. The attested New Zealand certificates can be used in UAE for various government official and visa purposes too. the Legalized documents by the relevant embassy before they can be used in another country. However, since the UAE is not a member of the Hague Convention, certain documents must also be notarized before its submission of UAE embassy or foreign affairs attestation. Attested documents can be used as:

  • Labor, emigration, free zone visa stamping
  • To get family status in UAE for new zealand nationality too
  • To make university further study in UAE
  • Medical examination like DHO, MOH etc…
  • School, college admission
  • Various trade license process in UAE

What documents required to New Zealand certificate attestation?

We make your documentation very simple and hassle free, our expert complete all legal process before sending documents to its home country of issued place. But we need couple of simple documents to get it done more conveniently such as:

  • Color copy of passport
  • Color photos
  • Authorization letter for some case only
  • Original New Zealand issued documents

How much cost involved getting New Zealand document authentication or legalization in UAE?

  • Cost totally depends on documents and service you may needed
  • We offer express, premium attestation with additional cost

What is the duration of New Zealand certificate attestation in UAE?

  • Time frame for all documents is not same but 8 to 10 working days will take
  • Express delivery we get earlier delivery too

The duration of authentication and legalization depends on government official business day

For more information about New Zealand documents attestation, legalization price, duration please call us now 0 55 536 9292, 052 948 6046, 04421 9797 or email us attestdxb@gmail.com

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